Discover MOSAIC potential

Educational activities customized on each autistic student’s needs

The Kit includes a software to create customized learning experiences, and Smart Objects to carry out activities supporting the autistic students in the process of learning and in social interactions both with teachers and classmates.

The development of the MOSAIC project is supported by a team of experts in the autism field, guaranteeing a scientific and precise methodology in educating teachers how to approach and better understand students affected by this disorder, and how to leverage the Smart Kit by carrying out specific and customizable activities.

This team has created a serie of set up activities enriched by tips and suggestions.

Some set up activites’ examples

Low level

Paint the cube

This activity is useful for a first exploration of the cube. Even if it is a rather simple activity and even if no prescribed answer is required, we must not think that it is an easy proposal: it begins from a meaningful skill for the child and that does not require a great deal of energy on the cognitive level. But in the small group the same activity requires high skills on the executive level (inhibition, control, attention …), as well as social sphere.

Low level

Color over color

Recognize colors is one of the prerequisites for primary school. Proposing this activity allows, possibly, to consolidate this knowhow by generalizing it through a motivating activity which offers the opportunity to involve more children. This activity also allows the teacher to get a wow effect using simple gestures that the child can imitate.

Medium-low level

The twins

If the child is motivated, he learns to do new things having fun, he feels to be part of a well organized group in which everyone has a part in the activity. It is important that the children spend time together carrying out the same activities, so that they can know each other in a moment of sharing and non-competitive game.

Medium level

In the farm

Through activities like this, the child can learn new things and follow the learning program, feeling included. Sharing spaces and materials is not easy: this is one of the activities that, if carried out in pairs, will help to make the relationship of physical closeness and the “doing together” concept easier.

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