A team of different experts

The presence of a team of specialists is a key for MOSAIC success. The team combines people with years of experience in the field of disability and autism and people with the technical skills necessary for developing the product.

Illustrazione che simboleggia il team MOSAIC in fase di brainstorming sull'utilizzo dei cubi e progettazione dell'attività sull'editor
  • Valentina Asperti
    Valentina Asperti FifthIngenium S.r.l.s

    Marketing & Communication Specialist with a humanistic studies background.

  • Matteo Valoriani
    Matteo Valoriani FifthIngenium S.r.l.s

    Software engineer, he transforms innovative technologies into projects with a high social impact.

  • Giulia Piccoli Trapletti
    Giulia Piccoli Trapletti FifthIngenium S.r.l.s

    Creative Graphic Designer, sensitive to social projects.

  • Francesco Clasadonte
    Francesco Clasadonte FifthIngenium S.r.l.s

    Creative Software engineer, passionate about new technologies and communication strategies.

  • Venera Lanteri
    Venera Lanteri FifthIngenium S.r.l.s

    Product Design student at Politecnico di Milano.

  • Andrea Germinario
    Andrea Germinario Scuola di Robotica

    Engineer and Head Programmer of Humanoid Robots.

  • Emanuele Micheli
    Emanuele Micheli Scuola di Robotica

    Mechanical engineer specialized in robotics, works at Scuola di Robotica since 2001.

  • Paolo Meucci
    Paolo Meucci Renato Piatti Onlus Foundation

    Pedagogist and PhD, he operates in the rehabilitation field with minors with Autism at Renato Piatti Onlus Foundation.

  • Roberto Campi
    Roberto Campi Asphi Onlus Foundation

    Vocational training and assistive technology at Asphi Onlus Foundation.

  • Federica Galli
    Federica Galli Freelence

    Psychologist who carries out research in Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Applied Psychology.

  • Massimo Festa
    Massimo Festa Cooperativa Sociale Fabula Onlus

    President and General Manager at Fabula Onlus Social Cooperative, Vicepresident at SiR Consortium with mandate od Autism and Life Quality.

  • Tamara Gorla
    Tamara Gorla Cooperativa Sociale Fabula Onlus

    Professional Educator and School Services Coordinator. She has worked with children and young people with autistic spectrum diagnosis in different fields.

  • Paola Carla Golzi
    Paola Carla Golzi Teacher

    Support teacher at Primary school ICS F. Filzi in Milan (Italy), specialized in pedagogy and educational psychology for specific learning disorders.

  • Maria Luisa Gava
    Maria Luisa Gava Freelence

    Graduate in Psychology, training in Psychomotor, Child Psychotherapy, Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Neuropsychologist.

  • Maria Federica Montuschi
    Maria Federica Montuschi Freelence

    Speech therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Founder of Parole Tue, speech therapist studio in Milan (Italy).


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